Outsourcing IT Services

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

As the technological landscape evolves, the challenge for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to stay on top of emerging IT trends can be daunting, especially when relying solely on in-house resources. Many SME owners in Dundee, Fife, and Perth are turning to outsourced IT services to streamline operations, enhance capabilities, and reduce costs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five benefits of outsourcing IT services (with some real-life examples from our clients), leaving you confident in your decision to join them. Ready for a brighter IT future?

1.) Cost Efficiency

First up, the biggie. Outsourced IT’s unique ability to reduce operational costs for SMEs while enhancing their technology experience is arguably its principle selling point. Instead of bearing the overhead of an in-house IT department – salaries, training, hardware, and software – businesses can leverage the expertise of external IT support for a fraction of the cost.

Plenty of SME’s struggle with the financial implications of maintaining a full-time IT staff; in fact, reducing costs is the most common reason for outsourcing amongst British businesses. The costs associated with ongoing training and certifications, not to mention the rapid obsoletion of technology and software, can be prohibitive.

By outsourcing, SMEs in Dundee, Fife, and Perth could reduce their annual IT expenditure and redirect savings into customer service improvements.

Cost Efficiency in Action

To use one of our clients as an example, a local football club once called on us to help them implement a cost-effective replacement for their underperforming servers and outdated telephone system.

After reviewing the club’s IT infrastructure, we recommended a cloud-based server hosting solution and VoIP telephone system to provide the flexibility, cost-efficiency, and scalable performance that the club needed.

The solution was transformative; it lowered their energy usage costs by bringing two on-premise servers into a single-server cloud-hosted environment and enabled their staff to work from different sites securely, improving their tech spend ROI dramatically.

2.) Access to Enhanced Expertise

SMEs often have limited resources to hire IT specialists in areas like cyber security, cloud computing, and compliance. This can leave them vulnerable to cyber threats or operational inefficiencies. Since outsourced IT service providers typically employ teams with diverse skill sets, SMEs often benefit from a broader range of expertise than would be feasible in-house.

Especially for local companies, enlisting the help of an external support team with experience in the area provides a strategic advantage when it comes to meeting compliance regulations specific to their region or industry.

Expertise in Action

Given the complex nature of their IT environment, a larger manufacturing company came to us for assistance with their cyber security.

Thanks to their years of experience working with similar local businesses, our team could conduct a thorough security assessment across the client’s devices, network, systems, apps, and hosting infrastructures.

We then turned these insights into actionable steps for the manufacturer. With this roadmap in hand, the client was enlightened about what was needed to ensure their business remained compliant, and could adopt more appropriate, advanced cyber defences.

3.) Scalability and Flexibility

Just like your business, IT needs fluctuate based on activity, growth, and even the time of year. Outsourced IT services provide the flexibility to scale up or down quickly as business conditions change, an asset that in-house infrastructures often lack. You avoid significant capital investment when it’s time to expand operations, and during slower periods, you avoid the risk of resources remaining underutilised and draining your budget.

Scalability in Action

When an architecture firm sought our help in migrating their 30 users to an updated server capable of handling demanding data formats, we carefully considered our options.

Before installing a smooth, secure server replacement, we curated a list of potential solutions, both on-site and remote, with the firm’s budget in mind.

Ultimately, a cloud-hosted service met the client’s current and future needs the best, enabling their IT infrastructure to grow sustainably while remaining cost-efficient.

4.) Proactive Support and Maintenance

Downtime and lost productivity are bad news for any organisation, but for SMEs, they can be a death sentence. One of the most common causes of downtime? It’s reactive IT maintenance. Only addressing problems after they occur is an ineffective approach to IT, allowing re-occurring issues to disrupt operations again and again. In contrast, outsourced teams have greater capacity to monitor your systems continuously without requiring an on-site presence. They’ll identify and resolve potential dangers before they can impact your business, keeping your team (and your clients) happy.

Proactivity in Action

Faced with a business continuity crisis, our foresight was instrumental in getting a food production company back up and running in under an hour.

Our previously implemented disaster recovery solution put a swift stop to downtime when a faulty server update struck, saving the client from the stress and costs of a non-operational SME.

5.) Enhanced Strategic IT Planning

Strategic IT planning is often overlooked in discussions about outsourcing, but it could be the secret weapon that propels your SME ahead of the competition. In addition to their proactive, tailored IT solutions, an external provider can offer strategic insights that align overall IT initiatives with your specific business goals. Re-framing IT as a valuable growth asset rather than a maintenance chore enables you to foster longer-term innovation across all stages of your operations, providing a considerable edge over those who only view their tech as a functional necessity.

IT Strategy in Action

Failing IT doesn’t just impact the bottom line; it prevents the people depending on it from achieving their missions. This was the case for a charity dedicated to supporting foster care that had experienced a critical server failure that threatened their essential working activities.

Knowing where the charity felt their IT was falling short and focusing on what their team actually needed to perform at their best, we replaced their non-repairable server, migrated their email system to a hybrid cloud solution for faster and more reliable access, and restored all systems, data, and users within five days. Our focus on reliability, security, and scalability ensured their operations were not only restored but also improved. The enhanced connectivity and server infrastructure led to increased efficiency and peace of mind for the charity, allowing them to concentrate on their mission.

Embrace Outsourced IT

Before you cast off the prospect of switching to outsourced IT support, ask yourself this: as technology continues to revolutionise the business world, is your in-house team equipped to handle the ever-increasing demands?

If your answer’s anything other than a confident “yes,” it’s time to consider recruiting external support. They don’t have to replace your existing crew, but an IT service provider can unlock a world of benefits for SMEs in Dundee, Fife, and Perth. Stop chasing tech problems; propel your business ahead of the curve by leveraging the help of outsourced IT.

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