Business Continuity

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Ensure continuity across your IT infrastructure, even when the unexpected occurs.

Business continuity services are a holistic solution that aims to ensure the continuity and resilience of your IT infrastructure, networks and data from disruptions and threats. Losses of time due to disruptions can drag the bottom lines and core-activities of businesses; retain your feet of foot with 1Office’s business continuity services.

Avoid Disruptions

Avoid losses of time and money due to downtime

There are a million reasons why disruptions occur in Business IT networks, with a range of impacts that range from issues with software or devices, to wholesale disability of the network. With a holistic continuity solution, businesses can stay up and running as much as possible, even when they are experiencing turbulent tides.

Tailored Business Continuity Solutions

Continuity Planning

Get a thorough picture of the threats and ways that continuity can be retained across your business whenever disruption strikes. Get implementation support to bring continuity plans to life.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Get data replication and off-site storage solutions and more, with the cloud. Deploy applications rapidly to the cloud as a backup solution. Move your data and work onto the cloud for a live, secure and regularly backed up solution.

Virtualisation & Replication

Replicate critical systems, servers and applications virtually so that in the case of a disruption In your system, your business has an alternative to activate to continues its operations, minimising downtimes.

Monitoring & Testing

Continually test the integrity and resilience of your systems and applications, as well as your business continuity measures with regular monitoring and testing throughout your network.

Ensure Uninterrupted Operations

Continuity can be an overlooked aspect businesses operations when it is running smoothly enough, but when it comes under threat, it becomes clear just how vital it is to retain the smooth delivery of services to clients and customers. Gain clarity, peace of mind, and continuity with the help of 1Office today.

Ready for anything

Ready for anything

Ensure undisrupted operations with solutions that allow your business to continue operating and get back on the road quickly, even when the unexpected occurs.

Minimise risk

Minimise risk

Be they operational, legal and reputational, having business continuity solutions in place minimises and mitigates risk, enabling you to focus on what matters.



Create processes and contingencies that minimise downtime, enabling your business to continue delivering value.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

With continuity solutions in place, you greatly reduce the lost time and extra costs of acting reactively to the unexpected.