User Awareness Training

People-Driven Security
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Your people can be your greatest asset or weakest link in your network security.

Through techniques such as phishing and social engineering, cyber criminals impersonate authority figures to try to get teams to give login details, network access, and to process payments. These threats are becoming more sophisticated and can fool the best of businesses.

User Awareness Training brings clarity and awareness to your team about cyber threats and methods, including how to spot and deal with them. These solutions also include testing and monitoring to track your team’s progress and knowledge.

It Starts With Your People

People are a common leverage-point for cyber criminals, with devastating consequences for businesses

Many cyber-attacks occur through manipulating employees, leading to compromises in your network. Once cyber criminals have access to your network, they can encrypt it with malware, steal data and sell it on the dark web, or devastate your IT infrastructure. Often, these threats can severely set back a business or even force it to shut its doors completely.

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Threat Awareness

We’ll teach your staff about the range of cyber threats, how they work, what they can do to unsuspecting businesses, and how they can combat these threats, raising awareness and detection of threats.

Best Practices Training

Teach your staff to apply cyber security best practices in all aspects of their work; ensure updates are completed, devices are used securely, and safety procedures are followed across the board.

Testing and Monitoring

Deploy simulated attacks that test the cyber security awareness and practices of your staff. Monitor and access reports about the results. Testing coaches your staff quickly to cultivate improvements.

Secure People, Secure Business

Your people form the backbone of a robust cyber security posture. Detect threats, deal with them appropriately and ultimately protect your network. Though people are a common target of cyber threats, by empowering them, you’ll create a thick-skinned layer of protection that safeguards the continuity, efficiency and compliance of your business.

Prevent Cyber Incidents

Prevent Cyber Incidents

By empowering your people with awareness and best practices, they will be able to identify and address both common and sophisticated phishing attempts.

Test Awareness

Test Awareness

Simulate phishing attacks on your users to test and verify their awareness. Train your users in real time based on their responses.

Cyber Secure Culture

Cyber Secure Culture

By raising awareness of best practices, you can ingrain the widespread adoption of best practices in your organisation.

Lower Breach Risks

Lower Breach Risks

Your people can be your greatest cyber security asset, helping your business to prevent and mitigate the harm caused by a breach.