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By harnessing our technical and organisational expertise, we enable you to keep focusing on your success.

Office moves involved many considerations, ranging from hardware, infrastructure, and connectivity considerations, to logistically organising the process in a way. If you’re seeking to arrange a smooth transition with minimal disruption, you can trust 1Office to offer guidance and practical assistance to create a smooth move to a new premises.

Taking the stress and complexity out of office moves

What if you could minimise downtime, disruption and roadblocks?

Coordinating an office move is often a complex and daunting process that requires getting the technical and logistical details right for a smooth process. There may be unnecessary losses of time and money in the process, added stress, and unexpected obstacles that prevent your business from hitting the ground running with its new office space. 1Office offers relocation services that help your business to ensure a smooth.

Our Office Move Solutions


We can help you to plan everything from creating a technology plan for your new office, planning the migration of servers and data, as well as migrating your telephony and communications technology. We will create a practical plan for seamlessly transitioning your technology to your new office.


We will help you to conduct the migration of your technology to work seamlessly with your new office space. This includes configuring hardware, network infrastructure and software together and making sure that it is cyber secure and functional, ensuring a smooth transition.

After Care

We will be around to offer support as your organisation adjusts to its new working environment. Should any problems arise, we will be around to offer guidance and support that ensures you get the best from your IT environment in your new office.

Smooth Moves

Office moves can be complex and take unexpected amounts of time, energy and costs both before, during and after the transition. With 1Office, you can empower your business to get the technical details and logistics of your move correct, ensuring that your technology works as intended from the start.

Seamless Transition

Seamless Transition

With 1Office's support your office move becomes a seamless transition, ensuring your technology is up and running in your new space from day one.

Minimised Downtime

Minimised Downtime

Our team will work diligently to minimize downtime during your move, keeping your operations running smoothly throughout the relocation process.

Optimised Setup

Optimised Setup

Benefit from a strategically designed network and infrastructure setup that maximizes efficiency and productivity in your new office environment.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Enjoy ongoing technical support and troubleshooting, ensuring that any technical issues are addressed promptly, so your team remains focused on their tasks.