IT Solutions

IT Solutions
Support from 1Office

We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke IT solutions for small and mid-market organisations, with a world-class service team specialising in the design, installation and support of technical solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

We understand that our customers need more than just discrete hardware, software and service offerings, which is why our complete solutions are integrated, implemented and supported by our skilled and experienced team of engineers, developers and consultants.

Level of IT Support

Fully Managed IT

Acting as the complete IT function for your business, 1Office serves as your entire outsourced IT department. We provide on-demand, fast remote support to swiftly address any IT issues that arise, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Our proactive support approach also focuses on maintaining your systems optimally to prevent issues before they occur.

Pre-paid Support

Support when you need it.

Our pre-paid and per-incident options ensure your business receives the support it needs at the right time. Our support team reacts promptly with the best technical solution for your needs.

Project Consultancy

Expert advice and support.

End-to-end technology project sourcing, deployment, and maintenance; covering all your business needs through innovative technology solutions. We specialise in designing tailor-made solutions that align closely with your business objectives, ensuring seamless implementation and effective integration into your existing systems.

Support from 1Office

Our vast range of solutions is developed with our strong knowledge of the Scottish market and 25 years’ experience in the sector

We have developed a profound expertise that guides our bespoke solutions, perfectly tailored to meet the diverse needs of our client base. As an independent, family-owned business, we prioritise a personal approach, ensuring that every interaction is thoughtful and customer-focused while integrating the latest technologies with robust strategies, streamlined for efficiency and effectiveness.

Our IT Support Solutions


For long-term success and sustainability, your company’s IT infrastructure and maintenance is key. We support you and your team throughout the entire process, ensuring a strong and efficient infrastructure as the end result.

Software & Data Solutions

We understand that businesses face continual pressure to reduce costs as well as their eco-footprint. By helping you to transform paper into electronic documents, our unique combination of print, IT and software expertise can ultimately ensure your business automates its workflows for increased cost and environmental efficiencies, whilst also improving security.

Security Backup & Disaster Recovery

Just last year, seven out of ten businesses were affected by cyberattacks. Now more than ever, network security is paramount for companies of all sizes, with effective systems fundamental for data recovery and protection against online threats. Traditionally, internal networks were protected from outside threats but nowadays telecommuters, contractors, partners and business-critical services hosted in the cloud must also be protected.