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Your data is invaluable, protect it from prying eyes.

We provide full compliance and data privacy services that give our clients peace of mind whilst empowering them to implement robust safeguards. The surface area of attack opportunities for cyber criminals is increasing as the world digitises, but with an end-to-end cyber solution, it is possible for businesses to continue their digital growth without subjecting data to undue risk.

No threat? No Fret.

Cyber criminality is growing and getting smarter — is your business prepared?

Despite being a frequent target of cyber threats, many SMEs lack a robust set of cyber security systems and processes to protect their business and maintain compliance. Poor compliance and data breaches can be a matter of life or death for businesses, with severe reputational, legal and financial consequences if protective measures are found to be lacking. Get secure today with a dedicated end-to-end cyber security solutions provider.

Our Compliance & Data Privacy Solutions

Policies & Processes

Identify gaps in your compliance and security policies and get help bridging them to create a compliant and all-encompassing cyber security posture.

User Awareness Training

Empower your people to become your greatest cyber security asset, with training that fosters awareness and best practices in alignment with your compliance requirements.

Business Continuity

Achieve continuity across your operations and compliance processes, with safeguards and continuous protection that maintains a robust and compliant security posture.

Endpoint Protection

Deploy protections across your IT infrastructure’s access points, including mobile devices and printers, with our end-to-end network security solutions tailored to your hardware and software.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Maintain regular, accessible and compliant backups, and establish reliable disaster recovery plans that ensure protection and continuity for your business.

Assuring Security and Compliance

Take advantage of our end-to-end compliance and data privacy solutions. Make compliance easier and more manageable, whilst keeping the whole of your business secure against both common and sophisticated cyber threats. Align your people, technology and processes to achieve compliance and protection with the help of 1Office.

Clarity and Oversight

Clarity and Oversight

Our cyber security and compliance services will help your business map and gain monitorable oversight across its cyber security and compliance territory.

End-To-End Protection

End-To-End Protection

We offer a full cyber security solution and assistance with compliance, using a range of tools and multi-layered protections. Enjoy the peace of mind that only true end-to-end protection can provide.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Our cyber security and data protection services enable your business to continue operating even when the unexpected happens. In the case of disruption, we will be able to get your business back on the road swiftly.

Strategic Support

Strategic Support

Our encompassing expertise enables us to help your business align its people, policies and processes to ensure robust cyber security and adherence to compliance requirements.