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Host, build, automate, and deploy powerful, scalable solutions in real time across the globe, with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud platform that can be hard to get started with. With the help of an expert guide, businesses can access and utilise the hosting, application services and business intelligence capabilities of Azure across their IT infrastructure, all securely and in an inter-operable way with hybrid solutions. Azure lets businesses pay more precisely for what they use with costs that scale up and down with their usage. Talk to us to get tailored guidance on how your business can benefit from Microsoft Azure.

Overcome Entry Barriers

Unlocking flexible and powerful cloud-based capabilities with the help of multi-disciplinary experts

Most businesses are aware of the potential benefits of utilising technologies such as cloud computing and machine learning, but they are not sure how to get started. Without a plan, a clear idea of the benefits and how to realise them, businesses are missing out on using advanced, scalable solutions that can drastically move the needle for their operations and value-creation.

Our Microsoft 365 Solutions

Azure Cloud Strategy

We’ll help you to get clear on what Azure can offer to your business, whilst considering your goals and circumstances, and help you to define success criteria and realisable benefits that you can move towards with confidence.

Azure Cloud Implementation

We bring your Azure cloud strategy to life and smoothly transition your business with a tailored implementation plan. We help you to setup the foundations, and flexibly conduct transitions according to your needs.

Azure Cloud Reporting, Optimisation & Maintenance

Access our Azure specialists, enjoy proactive monitoring, alerts and continual optimisation of your Azure cloud infrastructure so that it runs in the most efficient and cost-effective way for your business.

Lead With Technology

If you’re looking to improve automation, seamlessly build, deploy and integrate your apps, bring your services and servers into a shared solution, and gain intelligent insights across your business and much more, then implementing Microsoft Azure could be for you. Find out what Azure can offer your business, get in touch with 1Office to explore the potential that Azure can actualise for your business.

Seamless Scalability

Seamless Scalability

Scale your use of IT resources up or down in real time with Azure’s precise and flexible hosting solutions.

Reliable Hostings & Backups

Reliable Hostings & Backups

Our Azure solutions taps into robust hosting infrastructure that assures reliable access to your cloud hosted data and systems, as well as access to backups.

Hosting Support

Hosting Support

We will proactively take care of hosting, optimising and manage your cloud hosted applications and data, maximising performance, efficiency and reliability.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Microsoft Azure enables businesses to pay precisely for what they are using, while offering real-time scalability, making for a superior and flexible hosting solution.