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The hardware and software that forms a business’s IT infrastructure can either be a great enabler, or a bottleneck to driving growth and better outcomes. To get ahead, businesses can free themselves from down-time, network silos, cyber threats and manual processes with the help of a technology partner that provides dedicated, tailored support.

Poor IT Means Poor Work

Technology is the foundation for your success; we make it work for your business

Modern work is becoming more seamless, integrated, flexible and agile. Businesses with fragmented, slow and insecure networks are the most likely to fall behind and become the victims of increasingly intelligent cyber threats. The opportunity to leverage the cloud, AI technology, as well as integrations and automations, can yield tremendous benefits, but for many, these technologies can feel out of reach. With forward-looking support, businesses can realise these benefits whilst maintaining a seamless daily operation with continual IT support.

Our Modern Work Services

IT Support

End-to-end IT support for your IT infrastructure, including tailored on and off premises solutions. Get prompt, expert support that keeps the needle moving in your business and minimises downtime.

IT Projects

Need to shift some servers or upgrade your digital infrastructure? 1Office can help. Our joint project management and multi-disciplinary expertise ensures your project runs on time, and on budget.

Cloud Adoption

Tap into the wide-ranging productivity and security benefits of the cloud. Seamlessly plan and implement your new cloud work setup and onboard your team to hit the ground running with the help of 1Office.

Telephony & Internet

Maximise speed, reliability and security across your internet and telephony infrastructure. Roll out VoIP or on-premises cloud-enabled solutions that streamline and lower costs for your business.

Equipping Scottish Businesses for Success

Technology can help you do more, with less. Save time, money and energy with the help of a holistic technology partner that converts the burdens of technology into empowering blessings that drive efficiency and growth across your business. Achieve higher speeds, greater security and integrate and automate processes whilst receiving ongoing dedicated support, with the help of 1Office.

Minimise downtime

Minimise downtime

Our IT support services and solutions are designed to help your business operate smoothly and ensure business continuity even when the unexpected occurs.

Exploit New Technology

Exploit New Technology

Keeping up with technology is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. As dedicated technology partners, we can help you find and apply technologies that keep your business ahead of your rivals.

Lower Costs, Elevate Value

Lower Costs, Elevate Value

We help businesses achieve cost-effective benefits from technology implementations that empower their operations and growth.

Enhance Productivity

Enhance Productivity

Our modern work solutions enable your business to achieve more, using less, while remaining secure. From collaboration and communication to connectivity and finding the right tools for your business, we can help your business achieve its goals.