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Defend your data with a robust firewall.

Firewalls are a network security tool that serves as a traffic monitor and barrier between your internal network and external networks. Firewalls prevent unpermitted access, data breaches and malicious attacks on your IT infrastructure by network outsiders. Take advantage of a comprehensive and tailored firewall security service with the help of 1Office.

Crucial For Security

Without robust firewall protection, businesses are easily compromised by cyber threats

Firewalls serve as an important first line of defence for any organisation, without it, it is all too easy for cyber threats to penetrate into your business networks and wreck havoc on your systems and steal your data. With the help of a firewall solution, businesses can ensure a robust perimeter of protection for their network.

Firewall Cyber Security Solutions

Firewall Configuration

We configure and setup your firewall to encompass your network and setup robust access controls that are tailored to the needs of your business.

Network Segmentation

As a protective measure, we can segment your network into subnets that limit the potential spread of cyber-attacks across your IT infrastructure.

Monitoring & Updates

We can provide continual monitoring of network traffic and reporting that provides insights into the performance of your firewall, as well as provide update management.

VPN Support

We can configure your firewall to create Virtual Private Networks, which enable secure access to your network from external networks, via secure encryption techniques.

Secure Your Digital Perimeter

A quality firewall solution enables your business to control and monitor access to networks and applications across your IT infrastructure. Detect, prevent and mitigate threats with an effective cyber-shield that encompasses your network, whilst allowing your team to access it securely using VPN solutions.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Network firewalls offer a robust layer of protection that will help to keep your business secure from malicious access by cyber criminals.

Empower Compliance

Empower Compliance

Firewalls and VPNs play a pivotal role in ensuring that the privacy and integrity of sensitive data remains secure.

Mitigate Risks

Mitigate Risks

Not only do our network perimeter solutions significantly lower the risk of data breaches, they also lower the potential damages of data breaches in your network.

Remote Work Security

Remote Work Security

Remote work present many opportunities and additional cyber risks, with our robust network security solutions, your remote workers can work productively and securely.