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Supporting Scottish SMEs to get the best from their technology. Empowering growth, security and compliance.

"A partner that we trust, who really understand the functions of our business."

Jennifer Phin, Managing Director
Construction Company

Take the stress and complexity out of managing your IT

Overcoming IT Challenges

As businesses grow and evolve, it often becomes harder to manage, track and update their technology. Security gaps and less flexibility to adapt and maintain a competitive edge can ensure, hindering them from maximising their success and client delivery.

This is where 1Office can step in – as dedicated technology partners, we can transform complexity into simplicity, challenges into opportunities, and act as dedicated partners that enable your business to get the best from what technology has to offer.

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Transforming Businesses Using the Power of Technology

We empower SMEs to tap into the power of technology with our deep, multi-disciplinary knowledge.

As a family business, we understand the technology challenges that SMEs face in staying ahead of the curve, while remaining secure. We tailor our solutions to the needs and goals of each of our clients, enabling them to achieve the most cost-effective and empowering solutions at each step of their journey.

What we do

We are a UK-based IT, printing and telephony outsourcing provider delivering cost effective, complete technical solutions for mid-market organisations

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