Printing Encryption

With printing encryption, you can secure your confidential documents with only authorised members of staff given the capability to release print jobs.

Eco-Friendly Printing

It’s important to us that we can help to reduce our customers’ eco-footprint which is why power consumption is a key factor when choosing our printer and copier partners.

Secure Printing

Secure Print requires a passcode at the printer control panel, meaning sensitive and confidential information can’t accidentally fall into the wrong hands.

Cloud Printing

We can supply and install printers that connect straight to the internet, allowing authorised users to print from anywhere with an internet connection.

Mobile Printing

Our multi-function devices allow you to print straight from your mobile phone.

Rule-Based Printing

If not supervised and controlled effectively, printing can quickly turn into a source of unexpected costs for your business. We can help you to establish clear guidelines and enforce general printing rules to restrict printing to specific document types or user groups.

Follow-Me Printing

A roaming print service that eliminates the challenge for users trying to locate the nearest printer, follow-me printing allows users to simply print their document whilst our software automatically selects the nearest device. This is also sometimes referred to as pull printing, push printing or find me printing.

Usage Tracker

By tracking all devices and users within your network, it becomes easier to keep printing usage and costs under control. Our Usage Tracker tool allows you to monitor a specific function of one printer or track various outputs from multiple devices. Tracking ensures that printers are allocated or re-allocated for more efficient usage.

Air Print

This mobile printing solution allows you to print directly and wirelessly from your Apple iPhone of iPad (included with the Apple iOS v4.2 and later mobile operating systems.)


Near Field Communication allows the transfer of data from your mobile device to the printer.


Password protected colour printing allows you to keep control of what your business is printing.