Security Backup & Disaster Recovery

Just last year, seven out of ten businesses were affected by cyberattacks. Now more than ever, network security is paramount for companies of all sizes, with effective systems fundamental for data recovery and protection against online threats. Traditionally, internal networks were protected from outside threats but nowadays telecommuters, contractors, partners and business-critical services hosted in the cloud must also be protected.

Web Filtering

Web filters allow your business to protect itself by restricting access to dangerous and compromised websites and preventing employees from accidentally accessing an infected site.


Anti-virus is critical for all business systems to prevent worms, Trojans, adware and other malicious software.

Malware Protection

For complete protection, it’s recommended that businesses use a malware prevention software alongside anti-virus.


A business grade firewall allows you to control the traffic that can and cannot enter your network.

Email Filtering

It’s easy to be caught out by a spam email. Our email filters will not only reduce spam mail but also reduce email-borne threats with a layered security approach, and detect and delete threats with multiple virus engines and harmful attachment blocking.

Security Risk Training and Education

It’s important to ensure your colleagues and employees understand the various risks that cyber threats pose. We will help you to develop and implement company security procedures and policies to make staff fully aware of the risks and consequences of failing to protect the business.

Business Continuity

Ensuring your business can continue to deliver products and services at acceptable, predefined levels after a serious incident is the most effective way of preparing to withstand a cyberattack.


It is crucial that your important information is continually backed up and can easily be recovered following a system failure.

Disaster Recovery

We can create a bespoke disaster recovery plan for your business which includes restoration of lost files and cloud access, in the event of hardware damage.