1 Office Solutions only supplies the best equipment from top manufacturers. 1 Office Solutions have built and continue to grow strong business relationships with each of there partners ensuring there customers get the best products at very competive prices.

Our Main Partners include:


1 Office Solutions is proud to announce they are one of few OKI Shinri dealers, meaning that they are one of their top dealers in Scotland. This privilege entitles 1 Office Solutions to offer customers unbeatable prices on all OKI products.

OKI is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of today’s businesses through professional printing communication products.

With this drive OKI has received, and continue to receive, awards and acknowledgment for their high performance, fast and durable machines.  OKI is one of the top manufacturers of printers, faxes and MFD devices.

OKI continues to think of ways they can improve their products and cater for tomorrow’s market place. This is why 1 Office Solutions is proud to support and supply OKI products to their customers and carry their brand name alongside ours.

Konica Minolta

1 Office Solutions has worked with and supplied Konica Minolta equipment for 18 years.

Over the years 1 Office Solutions has build a strong friendly relationship with Konica Minolta and has an in-depth knowledge of its products.

1 Office Solutions continues to supply Konica Minolta products due to its exceptional quality and abilities. It has a large range of products, starting with 5 prints per minute printers through to 20 prints per minute production print systems. All products produced by Konica Minolta are robust, reliable and fast and produce exceptional quality images with multiple printing options. 

Konica Minolta is an ambitious Japanese based company that aims to be the leaders of the digital printing industry before the end of the decade. They are currently third within the market and are constantly adapting and evolving their products.


Olivetti is a brand from the very large Italian based company Telecom Italia. Olivetti has been trading since 2003 and the company has become known for its products’ reliability. The company is a true solutions provider and produce state of the art products that cater to business requirements.

1 Office Solutions believes in Olivetti’s values and is especially happy that Olivetti is very environmentally aware and is always working to promote and improve its efforts to protect the planet.

1 Office Solutions has worked with Olivetti for three years and have found the company and its products to be very reliable and value for money.


1 Office Solutions has worked with and supplied Sage products for 20 years. We have an excellent history with, and knowledge of, the company and its different software packages. 1 Office Solutions works closely with Sage to get the best out of their software packages for our customers, at the best prices.

Sage is a UK based company that was formed in 1986 and has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of business software, supplying to 5.7 million customers world wide.

Sage’s goal is to: ‘Help businesses overcome the day to day practicalities of running a business…’

Sage’s range of business software packages is continuously evolving and at present 760,000 small to medium sized businesses in the UK use Sage software.

1 Office Solutions believes and trusts in Sage products and continues to use and supply them. We believe in the company values and focus, as it feels it has a responsibility to its staff, partners, customers and the environment, and is always improving and helping. It is always open to new ideas and suggestions and takes on board any ideas, especially those that can improve the products and help customers.


Dell has now been trading for 26 years. It strives to produce technology systems that help customers to do and achieve more. Dell works to build systems that address enterprises, businesses and corporate needs. Dell has received awards for reacting to customer ideas and suggestions improving systems for all users.

Dell strives to play its part in helping the environment and was named on Forbes “Top Ten” green companies list. It also support charities and is very aware and active in providing good working conditions and preventing unfair conduct within the work place.
Dell is one of the top companies within the industry and continues to grow and improve its products, which is why 1 Office Solutions is proud to supply Dell products to our customers.


HP was formed in 1939 and has been the leaders in the technology market over the years.

HP is one of the world’s largest ICT companies and has a large portfolio of products including PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, Servers and Printers.

HP operates in over 170 countries around the world and the company aim is to produce technology that aids companies with their working challenges. It strives to create new user friendly, valuable, trusted products to improve the ICT customer’s end use.

HP as a company tries to contribute in different areas including environmental and charitable, while raising standards in the global supply chain and increasing access to information technology.