ICT Maintenance

1 Office Solutions provides ICT Maintenance & Support, from SMEs to corporate organisations throughout Scotland.

With our highly trained on site engineers and a comprehensive range of support and maintenance options, we can cater to all requirements and build a package to suit everyone, including total care packages.

We have the knowledge, training, experience, expertise and manpower to provide the highest level of Maintenance & Support to your business. We look after businesses by ensuring their ICT runs smoothly, effectively boosting productivity by allowing users to concentrate on driving their businesses. 


Within hardware we maintain and support Servers, PCs and Laptops. We work with many different brands and models

The five main software packages we support are:,

• Sage
• Microsoft
• Power Retrieve
• Avast
• Trend Micro

However we also support and maintain a many other software packages. 


We support multiple networks for our existing customers and look forward to supporting new businesses. Our highly trained friendly engineers aim to exceed customers’ expectations and work closely with our customers to ensure systems are working to their full potential.

System Upgrades

As businesses grow and software and hardware evolve users have to ensure that systems are kept up to date. We can not only take care of all upgrades but can advise where to spend money, enabling customers to have the correct systems and equipment, all within budget.  1 Office Solutions can advise on products and packages, implement the systems and carry out any training that is necessary to ensure customers are up and running without expensive glitches.  We also ensure minimum, if any, lost time, allowing productivity to be boosted without any set-up hindrance.  

Preventative Services

As businesses rely heavily on their systems it is vital to ensure protection against any problems or down time, both of which can stop businesses trading. 1 Office Solutions has ICT contract packages that include preventative maintenance. Within these contracts our engineers go out to customers’ sites and check their systems, weekly/monthly, for any issues that may be building or lingering on their system/network. The engineers can therefore proactively ensure a virus-free environment and can check for corruption or potential issues, allowing users to concentrate on driving the business

Call us to find out more and what preventative maintenance can do for your business.

Disaster Recovery

1 Office Solutions views Disaster Recovery much like preventative maintenance - a resolution that people do not value until it is too late. If there is not a Disaster Recovery in place and there is an unfortunate occurrence, for example fire or natural disaster, it can take a long time to get the business back up and running.  Even then, some files and work will be impossible to retrieve. This can put a great strain on any organisation, especially during the difficult times of the credit crunch which is already putting a strain on many organisations. 1 Office Solutions works with our customers to provide a Disaster Recovery plan suited to their requirements.  This means that if any disaster may occur there is a plan in place to restore company data, replace equipment and, within a pre agreed time scale, ensure the business is up and running without delay.

Back Up Restoration

Any business should, without question, have a back up system in place but must also be able to restore the data, if required, from the back up.

1 Office Solutions can not only advise on the best back up solutions for an  organisation, but our ICT engineers are also on hand to restore any files using the back up system.

We provide the highest level of service at an affordable price.

ICT Cover Options

1 Office Solutions does not have set packages.  However we work with our customers to design a package suited to customers’ needs, requirements and budgets. We are very competitively priced and provide the highest level of support and customer service. We value each of our customers and strive to build a long standing business relationship with every client.

We offer hourly agreements, yearly agreements and other flexible options. The yearly agreement covers remote access through to on site response times and can support hardware, software packages, Iphones, cabling, servers, human error and much more - the options are endless.

We also offer total care packages which ensure that customers are covered in any event. Customers will never be told an issue is not covered within their package.


To find how we can support your business contact our helpful and friendly or request a no obligation quotation.