Sage ACT! 2011

Sage ACT! 2011

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Sage ACT! 2011 will develop and grow with your business/enterprise.

A Contact and Customer Management software is a business tool that provides the information and opportunity to develop long-lasting, profitable relationships with existing customers, ensuring that they keep coming back and new customer referrals keep coming in.

Sage ACT! 2011 has 2.8 million users, making it the No. 1 selling Contact and Customer Management Software.

Sage ACT! 2011 helps small and growing businesses manage and engage with their customers, helping them to build long-lasting and profitable relationships and create opportunities.

The Features Include:

Diary Facility

This can be viewed for one individual or multiple colleagues, allowing users to: 
• Arrange Meetings
• Invite Colleagues to Training, Meetings or Events
• Reserve Company resources such as Board Rooms
• Manage Staff
• Review Staff Activity

Record Clients’ Records

The software stores all details of your customer relationships including:
• Company Name
• Contact Names
• Phone Numbers
• E-mail Addresses
• Website Addresses
• Conversation Notes
• Meeting and Activity History
• Documentation (including quotations and letters)
• Social Media Profiles
• Group Clients within Categories

Reporting Facility

Allows reporting on a number of different areas and information including:
• Evaluating how many customers are contacted within a certain time frame
• Assessing time spent on selected projects
• Evaluating success rate of telesales team
• Measuring how many opportunities are successfully moved to sales or projects

Using Features, Companies Can Successfully:
• Price prospective projects ensuring accurate costing of services
• Evaluate returns on telesales staff investments compared to staff overhead costs
• Work with more clients, spending less time on paperwork
• Manage staff
• Manage unforeseen absences and annual leave
• Evaluate staff performance
• Send out newsletters to groups or selected clients and print labels easily and quickly.


Sage has an E-marketing facility for Act! 2011 that allows the e-mailing of E-shots. This is a marketing tool that allows users to design and customise marketing campaigns and communication, targeting specific customers or prospective customers by, for example, area or industry.


With Sage ACT! 2011 you can now access your data via your mobile phone, online or through Sage ACT! 2011 meaning that even when you are away from the office you still have access to all the information you may require, ensuring you are always prepared.


With files being electronically stored your customer information, documentation and company files cannot be lost or misplaced and, if the correct backup system is in place, can be retrieved in case of any unfortunate events such as flood or fire.

Confidential Information

The software authorises the administrator to allow different levels of security access to each user ensuring documents, customer information and private files are kept confidential.

Grouping Clients

The clients’ grouping facility allows E-shots, newsletters or letters to be sent to a group of customers or potential customers. Every correspondence sent automatically is attached to each customer’s file, documenting all contact with clients and assisting in following up on all documentation send out.  This also allows reports to be run on a specific selection of clients.


Within the software a sister database for suppliers can be set up, ensuring strong relationships as well as providing easy and fast access to any information required.

The software allows the automation of business processes, ensuring efficiencies and accurate customer data.

The software provides the correct information and details of every customer, ensuring that conversations are held with all relevant information to hand, making customers feel secure.

These are a few examples which demonstrate the ability of the software by displaying the huge amount of information, documentation and records the software can hold, together with the increased organisation it can bring to a business. In allowing staff to find information, records and documentation quickly and easily, companies can become more efficient and professional, thus saving time on paper work and administration.   This also provides opportunities to maximise current resources.

Sage ACT! 2011 can be designed and adapted by our in house designer, allowing the package to be tailored to your specific desires and requirements.

As the software is very diverse it is suited to a wide variety of industries, from Farming Companies or Beauty and Hair Salons to Business Services.


Prices start from £190 (excluding VAT) contact us for more information or use our no obligation quotation.

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