Sage 50 HR 2010

Sage 50 HR 2010

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In a study conducted in 2006 by ICAEW (Institute Of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) Sage received a 93% recommendation rating - the highest rating in the survey.

Sage HR is a diverse software package that has been adapted to suit customer demands. Sage products are designed to link to one another allowing easy, hassle free working between Sage accounts, HR and payroll, saving time and money.

Sage HR was created to manage details of employees, ensuring every area is covered. It has been designed to support Sage payroll, which manages the payment of employees, while Sage HR 2010 attends to other requirements.

The demand for Sage HR 2010 increases as the number of employees within a business or enterprise increases.

The main features of the HR package include:

Document Management

Protecting Your Company
Avoids disputes as Sage HR software allows the recording and tracking of employees’ behaviour, warnings and disciplinaries, ensuring that vital evidence and records required to support any potential disciplinary action are always accessible.

As employment legislations and compliance requirements are placing an ever increasing burden on business it is vital that there are company and employee records.  Sage HR allows the storing of company information such as industry specifications, registrations, training, licences, appraisal forms, security checks and Health & Safety training.  Pre-employment checks and proof of identity can also be stored, making information easy to find and access while still keeping information protected and secure.

Company Assets

Keep Track of Company Assets
This facility allows companies to allocate company assets such as laptops, cars, vans, mobile phones and sat navs to employees or departments/branches, reducing the number of lost assets and therefore reducing company overheads. 

Register Events

Never Forget an Important Day or Event
Sage HR allows businesses to easily set up reminders for important events such as employees’ work permit renewal dates, end of probationary periods, end of employees’ warning periods, evaluation of employees’ sick days, reviews of employees’ performances and applications for renewals of industrial licences, ensuring the business is efficient and prepared.

Company Info

Employee Information
Keeps track of jobs roles and areas/branches covered by employees. This allows easy document job description if replacing the current employee.

Employee Qualifications
The software packages can carry out a number of searches including Employee Certifications or Employee Certifications’ renewal dates. This keeps all certifications up to date along with highlighting which employees within the company may be suitable for promotion or new opportunities.

Employee Performance
The package provides the facility to monitor skills and development, allowing the setting up of targets and goals to motivate staff or highlight areas where employees require training and support, helping to develop, promote and invest in employees.

Be Prepared
Sage HR allows you to track employees’ illnesses and sick days as well as allocating  holidays, maternity leave and training days. This enables the monitoring of employees’ sick days and the ability to plan cover for maternity leave, training days and annual leave.

Excel Integrating Reporting
This is a new highly requested feature that allows managers to produce reports within Excel without requiring a Sage HR licence on their PC, enabling authorized personnel to monitor staff, evaluate documentation and certifications and access documentation without any added cost.

Reporting Updates

The Sage HR reporting has been upgraded, now allowing the gathering of information from a number of sources and areas to produce one clear report as an alternative to multiple reports which have to be condensed, thus increasing efficiency.


Confidential Information
The administrator has the ability to set up different levels of access for all employees, ensuring that private and confidential information is protected with automatic calculations and reports.


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