Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a resolution that people do not value until it is needed.

As businesses and enterprises rely increasingly more and more on their computer systems, the need to prevent the information from being damaged or lost dramatically increases.

Computers within a corporation tend to hold vast amounts of employee information records, client records and company information on their network, highlighting the importance to have a Disaster Recovery plan in case of viruses, corruption or natural disasters. If a Disaster Recovery plan is not in place and an unfortunate event does occur, a strain can be put on the business, especially during the difficult times of the current credit crunch which is already causing strains on many organisations.

1 Office Solutions can provide you with a Disaster Recovery plan to ensure that in the event of a disaster data are restored and replacement equipment is installed, all within a pre-agreed time scale, making sure that business is affected as little as possible and for as little time as possible.


To find out more please contact us. Our ICT engineers are on site and happy to discuss what solutions may be suitable for you.

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