Backup Solutions

1 Office Solutions provides simple, fast and effective back up solutions.

Computers within a corporation hold vital information such as employee records, payroll, accounts, tax details, client records and much more, underlining the necessity for the correct back up solutions.

Without full records the success and productivity of a company can severely suffer. By investing in the right back up solution time, money and worry can be saved, eliminating down time and saving lost business through lost records, files or information.

There are multiple back up solutions on the market.  However not all are effective and suited to specific requirements. If a business has a wrong or ineffective back up solution for its needs then time, money and effort are being wasted. 1 Office Solutions can provide multiple back up solutions options, including hardware and software solutions that can be used separately or alongside one another, complementing one another to ensure all round coverage.

Most importantly 1 Office Solutions can identify and provide the best solutions for organisations together with support, in case of difficulties or the need to use back up solutions to restore company data. We are at hand to help and get you back up and running in minimum time.


To find out more or talk to one of our friendly in house ICT engineers please contact us.

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