Document Archiving System Training

The training will be adapted to each client’s specific needs.

1 Office Solutions’ trainers can incorporate the following within the training:

• Scanning documents
• Scanning single, multi page and multiple files
• File destination when scanned
• Manually filing documents in the system
• Searching and retrieving files from the system
• Printing and e-mailing documents directly from the system.

The training required will be discussed and agreed prior to clients purchasing the software and incorporated within each package quotation. We can, however, provide training as a separate package. As the system is flexible to suit each client’s needs the training sessions are also flexible. If at any time assistance is required after training we are more than happy to provide technical support to aid our customers.  An instruction manual can be provided and designed to each customer’s specifications, helping clients through any staff changes.


Contact our helpful and friendly staff for more information.

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